Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Funniest vandals in UP =)

F.A. Wall:
"nobody cares"
somebody answered:
"not even the carebares?"
then another:
"not even kier?"
"not even zoren?"
"not even zorro?" <---(anlabo, pre)
all written by different people.

AS chairs:
"push button to eject seatmate"

"push button to eject urself"

“push button to kill teacher.”

"push button to eject teacher"
....reply: "it's jammed! We're doomed!"

AS cubicle:
"Donate your bulbol here.." tapos may chewing
na pagdidikitan. ...

AS chair :
“you know bobo? bobo is you!”

AS 1st floor CR:
“if you forget the past, then you porget the

AS 1st floor CR uli:
“ Im a simple gay “
tapos me sumagot
“sira! Dapat ‘Im simple and gay!’ Taga peyups ka
ba? duh! “
tapos me sumagot ulit (with matching arrow pa na
nakaturo dun sa reply)
“sira ka rin! yung simple is used as an adjective
tapos yung gay is used as a noun. kaya ok lang
yung simple gay nya!”

Chem chair:
“push button to spray acid on prof’s face.”

Another chem chair:
“You Boron!!!”

Bio chair:
"Push cadaver to haunt teacher.”

FO Santos:

Sa Men's CR, facing the urinal:
"Hawak ko saking mga kamay ang kinabukasan
ng bayan!"
"the future you are holding is very small."

GAB (UP Mla):
sa likod ng armchair sa isang room sa GAB:
“takas ng ward 7”

sa math building, sa likod ng isang “teacher’s
chair” sa 3rd floor:
“BABALA: asawa ni babalu”

sa math 3rd floor, sa isang upuan uli.
"you'll NEVER find what you're looking for"
May nag-reply:
"find x."

sa math 3rd floor, sa isa pang upuan uli.
nakasulat sa armchair:
ta's may sumagot:

3rd floor math cr:
"kaibigan, pagkapatos mong umihi, paki PLUS mo
naman, hehehe."

sa loob ng music room.
“maam _______(music prof) boses palaka! “
tas may sumagot
“nakarinig ka na ba ng boses ng palaka “
tas may sumagot uli
“weh “
tas may nag-react uli
“oo, sabi kokak!kokak!”

Wall ng vinzons
"Do not steal. The government hates competition"

men's cr sa Vinzon’s:
"remember: the hands that clean this toilet are
the same hands that cook your food."

men's cr waaaay above the urinal:
"if you can reach this, the fire department wants

sa isang upuan:
"f*ck nigs!"
may nagreply:
"who's nigs?"

Sa isang lamesa ng main lib, filipiniana section:
tapos may sumagot...
"mali pang grammar at spelling mo, halatang di ka
taga UP"

nietzsche-"god is dead"
God- "Nietzsche is dead!"

sa labas ng PNB:
“in case of emergency break ass and push butt”

sa girls’ CR:
“Bawal ang vandal Dito!...
Mommy said: First Aid Terramycin”

sa girls’ CR uli:
“My boyfriend and I had sex and now I’m pregnant”
“Pray to God”

Monday, November 20, 2006

Manny brings it all together....

In some churches, attendance was low because the usual parishioners had stayed home to see the fight.

Police said Metro Manila was virtually crime-free while the fight was in progress. In one area, a traffic enforcer abandoned her post so she could watch the bout in a nearby mall.
(read the rest of the article here).

Good to know that Manny can actually prevent crime ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS, Manny Pacquaio! You totally rock!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

drinking spree

drinking spree
Originally uploaded by wanderlust_junkie.

roughly around this time last year i was in NY checking out the sights with my friend Hazel. I still can't believe that was just a year ago, it seems like ages now that i think about it... dang, how time flies!

Anyway, this was taken while we had our 10 minute intermission --- watching The Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic was quite an experience! The red wine didn't come cheap (freakin' $10 a glass) but i guess it was pretty good :-P

The musical was well, interesting. Most parts made me want to sleep (i guess it was just because there was just too much A/C, or i was just really tired from all that walking) but those parts wherein they were singing those memorable sad songs, i was crying buckets like there was no tomorrow. LOL. Hazel was nice enough not to laugh at me when the lights hit. awwwww... miss you girl!

i miss NY.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

perils of the late night shift

Had to end my shift earlier than i anticipated last night. After a feverish day picking up some more donations, i ended late at work and severely dizzy. *sigh* that'll teach me not to stay up all day and night :-P My head was pounding, inspite the 1000mg dosage of Ponstan in my body. F*ckin A, this sucks.

i woke up in cold sweat earlier. After lunch of vegetables, i still found myself feeling queasy and light headed. Dammit, this hyperacidity will be the death of me.

After a consultation, i read up on my prescribed "bland diet". Fudge, cut down on chocolate, coffee and sweets. So much for the munchies and my favourite things... *sigh* The good news is that i can still take soy milk, which gives me a loophole for my caffeine intake. Fudge, now i'm down to just two of those a day and no more nicotine sticks (just as well, i suppose). Hmmm. I feel better yet more scared after reading all that. I wonder how long will this bland diet last or how long will i last. For now, we'll see...

+ + +

Friday, November 03, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bowling for Guimaras!

Bowling for Guimaras With Photo Exhibit and Petition Signing, a Fund Raising and Awareness Campaign on November 5, Star Mall Bowling Center, 1PM (Star Mall is beside MRT Shaw Station)

Bring your family and friends, and together, let us show the world that we care. Please confirm by November 4,12 noon. Please text 0921 8208013 for confirmation or for any questions.

P200.00 will get you one free game, shoe rental for the entire day, and a Remember Guimaras t-shirt - and of course, the chance to help the people of Guimaras.

Special prizes awaits the winners with the best bowler receiving a spa certificate ( 1 hour massage, unlimited use of sauna, jacuzzi, shower and steam room).

This event is organized by ADD UP! Volunteers, Inc.and supported by the Center for Environmental Awareness and Education and YPNET.

(This event is part of a series of events to spread awareness and gather support for our cause.Please watch out for other events in the future.)

ADD UP! Be Counted!

Contact Sarah Queblatin
Communications and Distributions Director
Center for Environmental Awareness and Education
3A Gilmore Heights, Granada corner Castilla Sts.,
Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City, Philippines,
landline: (+632) 721-7360
mobile : (+632) 917-8579489
fax: (632) 5333-712
email: sarah@ceae.org
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